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Cut to the chase.


Creating clarity –
from analysis to activation

Many produce strategies. Few communicate them well. Even fewer execute them with evidence, drive and leadership. A lucky handful of people know how to engage and partner with impact – to get the right results. Engage. Listen. Think. Lead. Activate. Let’s cut to the chase.

The creation, storytelling and activation of strategies involve both art and science.

We can help you navigate the challenge with creativity and clarity.

Curator, analyst, activator, cut to the chaser. Bernie Walsh works with others to make things happen.

We create clarity in many different ways. In strategy, analysis, thinking, communications, collaboration and leadership. There are a range of specialist services that can benefit from a Cut to the Chase approach.

What we do

Strategy Activation

From creation to activation – we make it happen.


Creative analysis across the rural and urban fields. From agribusiness to transport and urban planning.


Listening, learning and forging partnerships.


Independent chair and facilitator, public speaker and MC.


Providing successful pathways to leaders and teams.

Future thinking

Crystallising trends into opportunities and options.


Managing and communicating research.


Training, mentoring and coaching. Media relations specialist.


At the heart of everything we do – crisp, clear and effective.


Bernie Walsh

Creator of clarity
Bernie Walsh is the creator of clarity for Cut to the Chase.

She is an activator of actions, stories and partnerships. She has a drive for excellence. If necessary, she calls in other experts who share her high standards to work with her.

Bernie is an unusual mix of the creative, strategic and the analytical. This comes from specialist experience in New Zealand and Britain across a range of high profile roles and projects. Her life and career has spanned specialist journalism and publishing, central and local government, traversing regional, rural and urban communities. It has also extended into agribusiness and New Zealand’s dairy industry. She began writing stories at an early age – and her love of great storytelling is a family tradition, born of an Irish heritage.

Her experience covers everything from crisis management and statistical storytelling to walking school buses and corporate communications. She has managed projects in the fields of urban strategy, housing, regional development, agribusiness, energy efficiency, transport, animal welfare, biosecurity and future thinking. She has advised Ministers, Mayors, Chairs and Chief Executives throughout her career. She is a fresh and fast responder.

She is adept at presenting powerfully to a range of audiences. Her record of achievement and can be confirmed by independent referees and case study examples – if that’s what you need.

She is a Winston Churchill Fellow who studied the politics of policymaking.

For a fuller rundown on her CV, see her Linked In profile.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Eleanor Roosevelt


You learn by doing. It’s the experience that counts.

It’s the ‘how you do it’ that makes the difference.

Here are some Bernie Walsh ‘how’ learnings from projects. These guide how she ‘cuts to the chase’.


North Shore City Council

Starting with a FaB (Ferries and Buses) project, Bernie was the lead communicator and Mayoral advisor that worked with the team to ensure this project got the go-ahead, politically and with the public.

Lesson learnt: A good idea needs a great team to make it happen.


SmartGrowth Bay of Plenty

After commissioning a Housing Need and Demand report, Bernie led a  response that involved multiple partners, sector stakeholders and community groups.

Lesson learnt: Do your research, get the evidence and ensure people respond. Let people see how much you care about making a difference to a complex issue.



Leading an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) campaign to take walking school buses to communities across New Zealand taught Bernie that others will help you if you help them.

Lesson learnt: You need to find the right tools, stories and resources to unlock the power of a community.



Bernie worked with senior leaders to get the partners on board for the launch of this new Accord.

Lesson learnt: The most important part was to keep telling the story of what it was about and how it was progressing and making a difference.



2015 PRINZ Corporate PR award winner.

Lesson learnt: Winning this award with her team taught Bernie the value of strong structure and leadership in activating and running strategies for success.


Studying the politics of policy

After completing her fellowship, field trips and many interviews, Bernie summarised her research into seven secrets for turning policies into success stories.

Lesson learnt: Favourite ‘secret’ – ‘Develop a Can Do Attitude’.